Terminal lugs types pdf

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The 3M Scotchlok Copper Lugs Series are a family of one hole, standard barrel lugs from 640 AWG designed for terminating copper conductors. Each lug is tin plated to resist corrosion and can be installed with standard industry tools.Connectors Rail Mount Terminal Blocks NDN Series Specifications Description: Highdensity, snapon 35mm DIN rail compatible rail mount terminal blocks. Construction: Unique, impact resistant, onepiece thermoplastic moldings. Heat treated stainless steel collars (to secure wires). Tinplated copper alloy terminals. terminal lugs types pdf

AMP Standard Terminals and Splices Catalog Dimensions are in millimeters Dimensions are shown for USA: South America: Revised 0708 and inches unless otherwise reference purposes only.

PIN TERMINALS Pin Dia. Pin Dia. Pin Dia. ALCLTR 3mm 100 ALCLTB 3mm 100 ALCLTY 3mm 50 LIP BLADES Blade Width Blade Width Blade Width BULLET PREINSULATED TERMINALS, LUGS& LINKS. TEL: 1300 300 747. TERMINAL LUGS CO. , LTD. Terminal Lugs Co. , Ltd. was founded in 1989 and specialized in electrical terminals. Due to 25 years' hardworking and practical experience under T. LUG brand, T. LUG electrical terminals have met the standard of a wire range of industries and international requirements. terminal lugs types pdf 4. PIN TYPE TERMINAL ENDS: Three types are available in this type of terminal ends Round, Regular, and Flat. They are mainly used for Control Cables, Terminal station, Flexible cord, For smaller sizes of cable etc. Pin type terminal Ends are generally available for Crimping type of connections which are made out of High Conductivity copper.

raychemrpg. com terminal lugs types pdf For More Information Visit 3M Electrical Lugs and Connectors Pages 3M Lugs OS Series are copper lugs that feature a solid oil stop. These lugs are for copper conductors only and cables of different sizes and types, the Scotchlok 2000T Reducer Series answers the call. They are aluminum Cable lugs and tools Addition catalogue Lets connect. Connectivity and electrical installation. Terminals fork type A. 24 Pin cable lugs joint connector A. 25 Parallel connectors closed end connectors A. 26 Cablelug sleeves A. 27 Cable lug connector piggy back disconnectors A. 28 359 Cable accessories Terminals and cable lugs Tubular lugs not insulated for normal conductors straight Tubular lugs type T. . 377

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