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2019-08-20 13:48

The use of catalytic naphtha reforming as a process to produce highoctane gasoline continues to be important as it has been over the 55 yr of its commercial use. The catalytic reformer occupies aThe former is produced in the catalytic reforming of naphtha, a technology primarily directed at the production of high octane gasoline components. The latter is a liquid byproduct formed in the production of olefins by steam cracking liquid feeds, such as naphtha or gas oil. catalytic reforming pdf

Catalytic reforming Catalytic reforming is a chemical process used in petroleum refineries to convert naphthas, typically having low octane ratings, into highoctane liquid products called reformateswhich are components of highoctane gasoline (also known as petrol). Basically, the process rearranges or restructures thehydrocarbon molecules in the naphtha feedstocks as well as breaking

The CO 2 catalytic reforming by CH 4, socalled dry reforming, is an attractive conversion technology because of the possibility of enhancing natural gas utilization with the sequestration of CO 2 [1. However this reaction has two serious problems. CATALYTIC REFORMING Catalytic reforming is a major conversion process in petroleum refinery and petrochemical industries. The reforming process is a catalytic process which converts low octane naphthas into higher octane reformate products for gasoline blending and catalytic reforming pdf role of catalytic reforming main process for upgrading low octane naphthas to high octane gasoline blending components or chemicals intermediates

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