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Commodity futures trading in India has a long and old history, Indias first commodity exchange was established in 1875 with the Bombay Cotton Trade Association.Basics of Commodities Trading Commodity trading is an ageold phenomenon, which involves the buying and selling of primary products packaged as standardized contracts. futures market in india pdf

institutional constraints in which commodity derivatives markets still function. Commodity futures trading in India was in a state of hibernation for four decades, which was marked by suspicion on the benefits of futures trading. This is replaced by policy, institutional and market activism in the last few years.

Nov 09, 2016 Futures and Options (F& O) are two types of derivatives available for the trading in India stock markets. Futures: The futures basically contract or an agreement to buy or sell an underlying security at a specified future date. Commodities (spot) Markets in India are about 11 trillion worth per annum. Internationally the futures market in commodities is 5 20 times that of the spot market. futures market in india pdf Indian Agricultural Commodity Market states that the usefulness and suitability of futures contracts in developing the underlying agricultural commodity market, especially in an agrobased economy like India has always been doubted 6.

Bene ts of trading in Futures and Options: 1) Able to transfer the risk to the person who is willing to accept them 2) Incentive to make pro ts with minimal amount of risk capital 3) Lower transaction costs 4) Provides liquidity, enables price discovery in underlying market 5) Derivatives market are lead economic indicators. 9. futures market in india pdf COMMODITY FUTURES MARKETS IN INDIA: ITS IMPACT ON PRODUCTION AND PRICES 335 II COMMODITY DERIVATIVES MARKET IN INDIA After the Indian economy embarked upon the process of liberalisation and 2. 3 EVOLUTION OF COMMODITY MARKETS Commodity futures markets in India, predominantly remain underdeveloped (Ramaswami and Singh, 2007). When compared to the US and UK markets, Indian commodities market has a long history of commodity derivatives trade (Vashishtha and Futures In India A Literature Review Indian economy has witnessed mini resolution in commodity Future market since 2003 as a result of the revival of commodity Derivatives Trading 2) Price Risk Transfer Hedging Hedging is buying and selling futures contracts to offset the risks of changing underlying market prices. Thus it helps in reducing the risk associated with exposures in underlying market by taking a counter positions in the futures market.

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