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TETRA HEXAFLEXAGON VARIATION 11 Once cut out, pre crease all triangles back and forth. Glue the backside below such that the reverse side of the C 6 triangle is behind the B 6 triangle and the B 1 triangle is behind the D 5 triangle. Once glued, crease the triangles again and fold togetherThis is the hexaflexagon with the smallest number of faces where the template curls on top of itself. In fact the template has three spirals in it. This flexagon is a bit more challenging than the others on this page to make due to the more complex template. hexaflexagon instructions pdf

Hexahexaexagon Instructions Printing a blank exagon Flexing Assembly Print blank exagon pattern on one sheet of paper, singlesided. Cut out strips. Assemble the exagon. Decorate after assembly. Hold the exagon in two hands, looking down at the top face.

Intermediate level. Very, very, VERY addictive! . You can use any rectangle to make this, I am just using printer paper. You'll need the paper to be a 1: 2 ratio, so if yours isn't, fold it in half. Making a Hexaflexagon toy with Paper Craft Templates can be fun but a little tricky. So download our Chalkboard PowerPoint templates with clear instructions of folding with different color labels that will make your job of creating interesting Hexaflexagon toys for kids easier. hexaflexagon instructions pdf How to Fold a Hexatetraflexagon. 1. Take out our flexagon. 2. First, use scissors to cut around the outside of the 8 x 8 large square. 3. Next, fold the large 8 x 8 large square in half.

Hexaflexagons This page is a workinprogress collection of free templates and videos about Hexaflexagons. Blank template with instructions (also a PDF version): hexaflexagon instructions pdf simple instructions for folding a trihexaflexagon 1. Cut out the blank template at the left, and crease each of the lines. 2 2 2 3 1 1 3 1 3 2. orient the template as shown: 3. write numbers on it, exactly as shown, with the simple instructions for folding a trihexaflexagon chris morgan hexaflexagon instructions Nov 23, 2017 Printable patterns: Shirts (we only printed a limited run, sorry if we're sold out of your favourite! ): Sep 18, 2018 How to Fold a Hexaflexagon. In this Article: Making the Initial Folds of a 6sided Hexaflexagon Constructing the Hexaflexagon Flexing Your Hexaflexagon Community Q& A A hexaflexagon is a paper hexagon that is folded from a strip of paper. As the sides are flexed, or moved, they reveal more surfaces than a standard hexagon would.

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