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be measured. Also, due to the short coherence length ofthe sensing signal, undesirable time varying interference from stray system reflections is eliminated. Another advantage is the ability to coherence multiplex! many sensors onto a single optical signal without requiring the use of relatively complex time or frequency multiplexing techniques.Background: A new commercially available optical low coherence reflectometry device (Lenstar, HaagStreit or Allegro Biograph, Wavelight) provides highresolution noncontact measurements of ocular biometry. The study evaluates the validity and repeatability of these measurements compared with current clinical instrumentation. optical low coherence reflectometer pdf

The system, based on the standard optical lowcoherence reflectometry (OLCR) arrangement, will greatly outperform other alternatives for long fiber length measurement, which at best attain a resolution of only a few centimeters.

Optical LowCoherence Reflectometry (OLCR) is a whitelight interference technique originally developed for applications in the optoelectronics test and measurement arena [1, 2. It uses optical lowcoherence reflectometry (OLCR) with a 820 nm laser diode infrared light to measure AL and ACD. Similar technology to the IOLMaster is used to measure K and WTW. optical low coherence reflectometer pdf Optical techniques may potentially be used for noninvasive glucose sensing. We investigated the application of phasesensitive optical lowcoherence reflectometry (PS

optical biometry devices based on optical low coherence reflectometry (OLCR). The aim of our study was to report the accuracy of OLCR biometry obtained from the Lenstar LS900 (HaagStreit AG, Koniz, Switzerland) in predicting post operative refraction in eyes undergoing phacovitrectomy for macular pathology (ERM or MH). optical low coherence reflectometer pdf Highspeed measurements in optical lowcoherence reflectometry View the table of contents for this issue, or go to the journal homepage for more Optical lowcoherence reectometry is used in this noncontacting depth scanning method. A Michelson

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