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checks for spelling and grammar errors as you type, or whether Word automatically formats as you type (for example, by replacing two hyphens with an emdash)? Click the File tab, and then click Options. This opens the Word Options dialog box, where you canMicrosoft PowerPoint 2010 is a fullfeatured presentation program that helps you quickly and efficiently develop dynamic, professionallooking presentations and then deliver them to an audience. learn word 2010 pdf

Navigation Editing To Open the Navigation Pane: Click the Find button in the Editing group on the Home tab. Or, press Ctrl F. To Search for a Word or Phrase: Click the Search box, type the word or phrase, and press Enter. To Search for Graphics, Tables, Equations, or Comments: Click the Magnifying Glass and select an option from the list. Click the Search box,

Word 2010 i About the Tutorial Microsoft Office Word 2010 allows you to create and edit personal and business documents, such as letters, reports, invoices, emails and books. To save a document in the format used by Word 2010 and Word 2007, do the following: Click the File tab. learn word 2010 pdf Apr 09, 2013  If you work with long documents you'll learn how to add footnotes, tables of content, and indexes. If you collaborate with a team, you'll see how to track changes and add comments to a document. You'll also

In Microsoft Word 2010, the default spacing for most Quick Style sets is 1. 15 between lines and a blank line between paragraphs. The default spacing in Office Word 2003 documents is 1. 0 between lines and no blank line between learn word 2010 pdf Microsoft Word 2010 Basics ABOUT THIS CLASS This class is designed to give a basic introduction into Microsoft Word 2010. Specifically, we will progress from learning how to open Microsoft Word to creating a document and utilizing many useful functions. It is impossible in two hours to 4. Click on Microsoft Word 2010 Create a New Document 1. Click the File tab and then click New. 2. Under Available Templates, click Blank Document. 3. Click Create. Using Templates Word 2010 allows you to apply builtin templates from a wide selection of popular Word templates, including resumes, agendas, business cards, and faxes. In this free Word 2010 tutorial, learn how to format text, use paragraph dialog boxes, add indents, work with tables and columns, and do more with your documents.

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