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Three step approach to operational planning Compass Partnership February 2011. 2 Aims of this workshop 1. To demystify operational planning 2. To equip you with a common framework and language 3. To suggest practical tips to help you plan effectively. 3 A common planning process Strategic Plan or Framework Board decisionsThe Operational Plan was discussed and approved by the Board of Directors of the European Investment Bank at its meeting of 21 April 2015. Attention is drawn to the fact that this document contains forwardlooking statements such as operational plan pdf

Operational Plan Format, Guidelines, and Instructions 3 The operational plan components and guidelines discussed in this document are basic, generic requirements. Please note that the OPB may require the submission of additional information to augment an OP or to explain issues identified during the analysis of the OP and other budget request materials.

An operational plan is a necessary document for any taskundertaking. The operational plan serves itself as a detailed document which chronologically specifies the starttofinish of a product or task. This is a sample template which contains the basic format of an operational plan. You may also see Lesson Plan Templates in PDF. 10 Project Operational Plan Samples PDF, Word A project is a particular task or endeavor that is undertaken by an entity or organization in order to reach a specific set of goals and objectives. Projects could either be long term or short term projects. operational plan pdf 17 Simple Operational Plan Examples PDF, Word Developing an operational plan follows the same principles that is applied on how to make a business plan. The difference between the two is that operational plans are more focused on the actual transactions, relationships, and communications that occur between stakeholders during business processes, programs, and activities.

Interagency Helicopter Operations Guide June 2009 Chapter 3 35 B. Time Element in Risk Management. Performing risk management is limited by the amount of time available for planning and requires flexibility and judgment by both pilots and air operations supervisors. Risk management can be divided into three categories according to time element. 1. operational plan pdf 13 The operational plan OBJECTIVES To explain how the business will actually carry out its activity, an operational plan is required. The operational plan is central to the allocation of resources. Your business operational plan is an important corporate document as it guides the entire workforce when it comes to the implementation of operational guidelines, work processes, and quality standards.

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