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2 AIDTBlueprint Reading The combinations of line thickness and compositions are standardized in the Alphabet of Lines. (Figure 11) FIGURE 11 Alphabet of Lines As with each letter in the alphabet, each line in the Alphabet of Lines has aBasic Blueprint Reading is a process of joining metals by fusion or heating into a single joined mass. Symbols will define the type of weld required. Square Weld Symbol blueprint reading pdf

Blueprint Reading Fundamentals Blueprint Reading Fundamentals Course Outline Topic Page 1. Introduction 11 2. Alphabet of Lines 53 3. Multiview Drawings 89

103 Construction Blueprint Reading Textbook Link to: Blueprint Reading for Construction, 7th Edition Goodheart Wilcox, by Walter Brown and Daniel Dorfmuller. Be sure you are getting the correct edition of the book and, if you are buying a used book, make sure that all of the drawings are included. 2 Matt Scott Definitions of Lines Lines are the basic communication tool used in blueprints. Listed below are examples of the most common lines used in blueprints today. blueprint reading pdf List the important relationships between a blueprint and the manufacturing process. 3. Calculate various specifications from a blueprint. Affective: 1. Appreciate the importance of the various types of prints. 2. Understand the importance of accuracy in blueprint interpreting. Manipulative: 1. Handle and physically maintain paper documents. Course Outline: I.

basics of blueprint reading including projections and views, technical sketching, and the use of blueprints in the construction of machines, piping, electrical and electronic systems, architecture, structural steel, and blueprint reading pdf basic blueprint reading Download basic blueprint reading or read online here in PDF or EPUB. Please click button to get basic blueprint reading book now. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so don't worry about it. Mechanical Blueprint Reading (BA02) is part of the Foundations Program, which teaches the jobready skills essential for career success. Foundations courses focus on the critical skills for entrants to the workforce including safety, applied math and employability. Electrical Blueprint Reading, Revised by Taylor F. Winslow Revisions and new illustrations by E. Glenn Engineering. Whether you're studying to be an electrician, or a seasoned professional looking to improve your blueprintreading skills, this newlyrevised manual Blueprints Have Three Main Parts: Drawing Drawing Graphical representation Graphical representation that shows the exact shape of a component.

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