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Codmans Pendulum Exercises 1. Bend over at the waist and steady yourself by grasping a firm object with your free hand. Slowly swing your affected arm gently forward and backward 20 times.Pendulum Exercises for Shoulder All exercises should be done 5 times daily in 5 to 10 minute sessions. Bend at the waist so your arm is dangling down. You may want to hold onto a table or chair for support. Gently rock your body weight from your left to your right foot or in a codman's exercises pdf

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Codman's exercise Etymology: Ernest A. Codman, American surgeon, ; L, exercere, to keep at work mild exercises for restoring range of motion and function in the arms or shoulders after injury and immobilization of the limbs. Pendulum Exercises Codman exercises can be done in one of two ways. You can do them lying on your stomach on a therapy table with your arm and shoulder over the side, or you can do them standing, bent forward at the waist, letting your arm hang straight toward the floor. codman's exercises pdf Codmans (pendulum) Exercises 1. Pendulum Exercises Bend forward at the waist, (back parallel to ground is ideal). Allow involved arm to hang down, perpendicular to the floor. Keep arm and shoulder muscles relaxed. Move arm slowly, increasing the arc as tolerated. This technique should cause only minimal pain. Perform repetitions times per day. 1.

Codmans Pendulum Exercises (group of three) Video 50. Side to Side With uninvolved upper extremity on table and back straight and trunk bent to about 90, let involved upper extremity dangle and swing freely from side to side by rocking body weight from side to side. Repeat 15xs. codman's exercises pdf Pendulum, or Codman, exercises are often prescribed for shoulder rehabilitation. Once you have the right form down, they can be done safely at home. Codman Shoulder Exercises Dan Ketchum Updated October 24, 2018 Whether you call them Codman's shoulder exercises or Codman's pendulum exercises, this gentle swinging motion usually comes prescribed by a doctor or physical therapist after a shoulder injury to 2018 Grand Central Physical Therapy and Hand Therapy 420 Lexington Ave. , Suite 1714, New York, NY Codmans Pendulum Exercises Exercise: Pendulum SidetoSide BEND OVER AT THE WAIST AND LET YOUR ARM RELAX COMPLETELY. SLOWLY SWING YOUR ARM FROM SIDETOSIDE AS ILLUSTRATED. Repeat: 20 times Sessions: 4day Exercise: Pendulum SidetoSide BEND OVER AT THE WAIST AND LET YOUR ARM RELAX COMPLETELY. SLOWLY SWING YOUR ARM FROM

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