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The spatial frequency is a measure of how often sinusoidal components (as determined by the Fourier transform) of the structure repeat per unit of distance. However, computerbased filtering procedures can be used to deconstruct an image into its individual spatial frequency components.FRED Application Note Lasers: Spatial Filtering Copyright 2010 Photon Engineering LLC All Rights Reserved 440 S. Williams Blvd. Suite 106, Tucson, AZ spatial frequency filtering pdf

We show that reconstructing a hologram by its object beam leads to spatial filtering, namely, to the suppression of spatial frequency components that are perpendicular to the plane of the recording beams. We conduct experiments by rotating the transparencies of Ronchi gratings and crossed gratings and measuring the corresponding diffraction efficiencies.

The equivalence between spatial frequency filtering in the Fourier plane and angular filtering in the image plane is immediately recognized if one recalls that an input of transmittance f(x, y) illuminated by a quasimonochromatic plane wave can be written as a super Therefore, the wellknown halo effect [9 is a highpass filtering phenomenon which makes the low spatial frequency content of the sample's structure unobtainable. spatial frequency filtering pdf PDF The purpose of this project is to explore some simple image enhancement algorithms. This project introduces spatial and frequency domain filters. Thus it involves creating masks, performing

Beamforming is spatial filtering, a means of transmitting or receiving sound preferentially in some directions over others. Beamforming is exactly analogous to frequency domain analysis of spatial frequency filtering pdf The performance of a spatial frequency filter can be seen from its modulation transfer function (MTF). In an imaging system, the MTF of a filter can be obtained from the Fourier transform of the intensity distribution on the image plane when the object is a point source. An ideal lowpass filter would remove all spatial frequency components that are higher than the Nyquist frequency and pass Spatial filtering beautifully demonstrates the technique of Fourier transform optical processing, which has many current applications, including the enhancement of photographic images and television pictures. The mathematical operation is a multiplication in the frequency space. The spatial filtering can be characterized as a shiftandmultiply operation: the kernel shifts over the initial image producing a mask and multiplies its value with the corresponding pixel values of the image. The result is a new value that replaces the central value of the mask in the new image.

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