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2019-08-25 10:45

Mixing live sound is one of the most fun yet challenging aspects of music, and the ability to mix both in the studio and live makes a good audio engineer in high demand. Let's take a look at the basics of mixing live sound, and how you can be quickly on your way to learning to mix.Eighteen live audio mixing tips from some of the top audio techs. These mixing tips and tricks can make a huge impact on your audio mixes. live sound mixing tips pdf

mix fast, mix with purpose, and mix from your gut. With all the tools at our disposal, it is easy to get sucked into analysis paralysis, which wont serve the song. Listen to the song, make a mental plan of what steps need to be taken to make the sound in your head a reality, and do it.

sound, and are often used for vocals in the studio. A third type of mic technology, the ribbon microphone, is seldom used live due to fragility. miC PlACEmEnT And USAgE EQ tips Cheat Sheet by Frederic Villemin (fredv) via EQ Frequency breakdown (12) 30Hz Virtually undete ctable, you can live sound mixing tips pdf 55 G ood live sound depends greatly on your familiarity with the room, so having time for a sound check is important in familiarising yourself with the room.

Mixing can be as simple as presenting greatsounding tracks in a more impactful way. Other times, mixing may require repairing tracks that sound subpar. Each mix presents its own problems and challengesits your job as the mixer to not only solve these problems, but to present the song the way it sounds in the clients imagination. live sound mixing tips pdf live sound, a mix is the ultimate destination for all of the audio with which youre workingin recording, the mix goes to your mixdown recorder; in live sound, it goes to your stage speaker system.

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