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BASICS: PENCIL TECHNIQUE Richard L. Yepez and Kathleen E. Yepez An Art Skills Tutorial Commissioned by the Center for Science Education Research pencil you have. Shade the first square as lightly as you can. Holding the pencil in the middle and lightly will help you not tobecoming a better pencildrawing artist through this small tribute. This ebook, written in nontechnical language, seeks to promote better understanding. It covers the basics of pencil drawing, providing for a good foundation for pencil drawing and some practical tips. learn to shade with pencil pdf

strongly that the basics in learning how to sketch and draw must start with a simple black and white medium. To me, this is the only way to learn and to master pencil sketching. Pencil sketching is the door to all other drawing media, and good pencil sketching skills lay the same pencil can be used for shading, texture making, and

Aug 16, 2018  Apply light pressure with your pencil to create a base layer of shading. Use a soft pencil, like a 4B hardness, to create the middle shade. Move your arm back and forth rather than your wrist to maintain a smooth range of shading. 2. To apply the elements of line and value in drawings. 3. To distinguish the drawings styles of the Italian Renaissance. Illinois Learning Standards Fulfilled: Fine Arts State Goal 25. A: Understand the sensory elements, organizational principles and expressive qualities of the arts. learn to shade with pencil pdf When shading with a variety of pencil grades, each pencil should only cover a small range of values. For the drawing below, I used HB, 4B and 6B. HB: Preliminary outlines, some highlights, first layer of shading, eyewhites.

Using the same overhand grip, but lowering the angle of the pencil so that the full side of the lead is on the paper, very lightly shade the entire ball. Use short, back and forth hatching motions, all in the same direction, with a very light pressure on the pencil. learn to shade with pencil pdf Using a medium pencil, like a B, very lightly shade the area around the highlight. Work your way to the edge of the sphere and the edge of the shadow. Squint to see the more subtle shading of this shape, and add another darker layer along the edge of the shadow. Contour pencil shading uses directional shading which follows the contours of a form. In this example, contour shading is used in combination with line weight, adjusting the pressure to create light and shade. Learn to shade with pencil You will get over an hour and twentyeight minutes of video tutorials, included 4 chapters. You will learn how to quickly identify direction of light and shadow. Below is a breakdown of what you can expect to learn from this shading tutorial. I highly suggest you read all the way through! Part 1: Understanding Penc il Grades Intro to Graphite Penc ils Shading with One Penc il There are a few factors involved in achieving a smooth pencil shade

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