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theWeP seeks to extend our insights concerning all aspects of human behaviour in the real world. WeP is an acronym for Worldwide experimental Platform a tool that takes research on human behaviour to the digital age, extending around the globe and into different cultures.Name of questionnaire: Munich Chronotype Questionnaire (MCTQ) Type of Selfrated scale to assess individual phase of entrainment on work and workfree days, developed in ages 6 to 65 years; tool to collect primary sleep times, such as bed and risetimes, plus the clock time of becoming fully awake as well as sleep latency and inertia, in addition to other time mctq pdf

MCTQ ShiftWork variables Evaluation service We meanwhile offer a service that involves entering your data in our database whereafter you will receive a full evaluation from us.

The Munich Chronotype Questionnaire (MCTQ) was developed by Till Roenneberg and Martha Merrow at LudwigMaximilians University (LMU) Munich. The MCTQ samples sleep and circadian rhythm data from more than 25, 000 participants. They found that MEQ scores correlated highly with the midpoint of sleep on free days reported on the MCTQ (r. 70), and that a respondents sleep schedule on free days is a good predictor of that individuals chronotype. mctq pdf Munich ChronoType Questionnaire (MCTQ) Instructions: In this questionnaire, you report on your typical sleep behaviour over the past 4 weeks. We ask about work days and workfree days separately. Please respond to the questions according to your perception of a standard week that includes your usual work days and workfree days.

To better understand the genetic basis of temporal organization in humans, the authors developed a questionnaire to document individual sleep times, selfreported light exposure, and selfassessed mctq pdf Request PDF on ResearchGate The Munich ChronoType Questionnaire for shiftworkers (MCTQ Shift) Sleep is systematically modulated by chronotype in dayworkers.

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