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Jun 19, 2015 You can find the game materials and download them for free here: Delegation Poker was created by Jurgen ApTHE MATHEMATICS OF POKER 2 Other ConJelCo titles: Cooke's Rules of Real Poker by Roy Cooke and John Bond Hold'em Excellence by Lou Krieger How to Play Like a Poker Pro by Roy Cooke and John Bond How to Think Like a Poker Pro by Roy Cooke and John Bond delegation poker pdf

Levels of Authority for Delegation All team leader tasks and responsibilities fall along a scale of 1 to 5 (representing the ability for that task to be delegated).

Introduction What is Leadership? Embedding the capacity for greatness in the people and practices of an organization, and decoupling it from the personality of the leader David Marquet 2 Short Exercises That Encourage& Improve Delegation Skills. February 25, 2016. As a leader, you should always be on the lookout for candidates who would make good team leaders or managers one day. These are individuals who are confident, intelligent, and able to communicate well with others. delegation poker pdf 2 Sell I will try and sell it to them. 3 Consult I will consult and then decide. 4 Agree We will agree together

Using delegation poker fosters communication and converts implicit assumptions about how decisions should be made to explicit agreements. Faster decisions all agreed on how to decide for an activity. delegation poker pdf At the end of the delegation poker you create your delegation board with a summary of all the decisions that were made. The format doesnt matter (paper version on a wall or in a wiki) but the content serve as reference for future management practices. In Appelos version of delegation poker, the game is played with teams of 37 members all of whom hold a set of seven cards, each card representing a specific level of delegation. At the start of a round, the players are presented with a case to discuss. Delegation can result in enormous benefits to a team or organization because more work gets done in less time, more people are empowered to make decisions, and people are motivated to do more and produce more because they themselves are accountable to you for getting the results you ask for. delegation is not easy. Managers often fear a loss of control when considering to allow teams to selforganize, and creative networkers sometimes dont know how to selforganize. a delegation board enables management to clarify delegation and to foster empowerment for both management and workers.

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