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OCTH 6260Spring Assessment Rating Form. I. General Information Title of the test: Trail Making Test (TMT) Step 5: Repeat the procedure for Trail Making Test Part B except explain to individual that they must alternate between numbers and letters sequentially.Normative data for the Trail Making Test (TMT) A and B are presented for 911 communitydwelling individuals aged 1889 years. Performance on the TMT decreased with increasing age and lower levels of trail making test b pdf

TRAIL MAKING Part A SAMPLE End Be In @ 12 End 15 20 16 18 13 Begin 14 10 21 19 24 @ TRAIL MAKING Part B SAMPLE Begin. 13 @ 12 10 Begin. Author: dclement Created Date:

The Trail Making Test was originally part of the Army Individual Test Battery (1944) and was then incorporated into the HalsteadReitan Battery (1985). Today the Trail Making Test is one of the most popular Neuropsychological Tests and is included in most test batteries. 34 The Trail Making Test is used often in evaluating driving Executing a Trail Making Test Execute a Trail Making Test by first selecting a test from the Select a Test pull down menu at the bottom right of the WELCOME screen (Figure 1). but subsequently will display all tests created by the user as well. they do still sometimes fail. trail making test b pdf The results indicate that this variant of the trail making test largely reflects individual differences in speed and fluid cognitive abilities, with the relative contributions of the two abilities varying according to particular measure of performance considered (e. g. ,

Trail Making Test (TMT) Parts A& B Instructions: Both parts of the Trail Making Test consist of 25 circles distributed over a sheet of paper. In Part trail making test b pdf Step 1: Give the patient a copy of the Trail Making Test (Part A) worksheet and a pen or pencil. Step 2: Demonstrate the test to the patient using the sample sheet (Trail Making (Part A) SAMPLE ). Trail Making Test (TMT) Trails A& B This test of cognitive function has two parts: Trails A, which requires the individual to connect a sequence of 25 numbers in order; and Trails B Trail Making The following pages contain the forms used in the trail making test. If your pages are thick and you cant see through to images on the reverse side, you can print pages 36 back to back so that slides 3 and 4 are on one sheet and slides 5 and 6 are on a second sheet. Trail Making Test (TMT) Parts A& B. Instructions: Both parts of the Trail Making Test consist of 25 circles distributed over a sheet of paper. In Part

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