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A metaphor underlying everyday references to communication, identified in 1979 by Michael Reddy, an American linguist, reflecting the notions that: language functions like a conduit transferring thoughts from one individual to another; writers and speakers insert their thoughts or feelings intoThis article extends Axley's recent discussion of the conduit metaphor of communication. A communications model is presented and its elements are critically examined from theoretical and empirical perspectives. the conduit metaphor pdf

of the conduit metaphor for both a technological and a social sense of communication. Reddys essay may be read, very protably, as a critique of the manner by which the conduit metaphor constructs a frame or metalanguage for information theory and, subsequently, for information science.

156 Composition Studies Conduit Metaphor framea description of the ways the Conduit Metaphor does not accurately describe written communicationworks with its positive counterpart to define success in written communication. That is, the idea that the conduit metaphor does see communication as requiring some slight expenditure of energy, it localizes this expenditure almost totally in the speaker or writer. the conduit metaphor pdf This metaphor is the conduit metaphor in which it is imagined that words are containers for ideas that are taking from the brain, put in the words and then out into the

conduit metaphor as a prominent example illustrating the characteristics of conceptual metaphor. Subsequently, the conduit metaphor has been treated as one of the clearest and best established conceptual metaphorsone which bears on the understanding of speech acts (Johnson, 1987), the the conduit metaphor pdf Metaphor is for most people a device of the poetic imagination and the rhetorical flourisha matter of extraordinary rather than ordinary language. Moreover, metaphor is typieully CONDUIT metaphor is not a single metaphorical mapping, but constitutes an idealized cognitive model (ICM) in the sense of Lakoff (1987). An ICM is a complex structured whole, a gestalt is a conduit metaphor asserting that ideas are in words, which are on pages, which are in books, which are in librarieswith the result that ideas are in libraries. The implication of this minorframework core expression is that libraries full of books, tapes, photographs, videos and A conduit metaphor is a type of conceptual metaphor (or figurative comparison) commonly used in English to talk about the process of communication. A conduit metaphor is a type of conceptual metaphor (or figurative comparison) commonly used in English to

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