Omron cam positioner 3f88l-130 pdf

2019-09-18 08:46

There are 1 products of Cam Positioners. Cam Positioner H8PS This Compact Cam Positioner, Popular for Its Easeofuse, Now Comes with Even Better Functions.CAM POSITIONER BANK FUN CAM PRMTR ON OFF CLR SET BANKFUN CAMPRMTR SPEEDON POSITIONOFF CW CCW P CLR ADJ SET PRG RUN CAM17 32 CAM1 16 Cam program (bank 2) Cam program (bank 3). . Item Resolution Resolution of 360 Resolution of 720 Angle setting and display unit (See note. ) 1 is set and displayed as 1 . 0. 5 is set and displayed as 1 . omron cam positioner 3f88l-130 pdf

Jan 13, 2005 I'm looking for a manual for the Omron 3F88L130 or 132 cam positioner. There's one on this site for the 3F88L160 but the interface is unfortunately completely different (LCD screen instead of LEDs).

Cam Positioner Faster, More Advanced Rotational Control for Greater Precision and Improved Productivity M4 nut (included) M4 screw (included) Y92C30 Two, 4. 3 dia. holes From the Dedicated Absolute Encoder Use the cable marked with a triangle when connecting only one H8PS Cam Positioner to the Parallel Input Adapter. 1, 030 40. 4 8. 5 dia. 17 dia. omron cam positioner 3f88l-130 pdf Cam Positioner 3F88L Name Model Cam Positioner 16 outputs 3F88L160 32 outputs 3F88L162 Resolver Shaft: 10 dia. Standard model 3F88LRS17 The 3F88L Cam Positioners have three modes that can be selected from the mode selector switch on the front of the Positioner. They are RUN, PRGM, and SET.

3F88L130 Cam Positioner. eBay! No Drivers, No Software, No Accessories, No Cable or Probe. All our items come with 30 days money back warranty. omron cam positioner 3f88l-130 pdf Please note some product models not sold in Indonesia may be included in the following manual(s) for our global customers. It is recommended to select Save from the rightclick due to large size of manual PDF data.

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