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Druze population in that settlement shows four striking exceptions: More than 13 of the Druze. population of Israel live in the village of Dliyat alKarmil, but the scope of the straying. phenomenon here is only 7. 5 of all cases.In Israel, the Druze are a closeknit community active in public life, according to a new Pew Research Center study of Israel. They make up roughly 2 of the countrys population and most live in the northern regions of the Galilee, Carmel and the Golan Heights. druze in israel pdf

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that forty to fifty percent of Druze live in Syria, thirty to forty percent in Lebanon, six to seven percent in Israel, and. one or two percent in Jordan. [3 Large communities of expatriate Druze also live outside the Middle East in Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin. America, the United States, and West Africa. By showing that a political and military alliance existed between the Palestinian Druze and the Jews during the ArabIsraeli war, this study throws more weight behind the revisionists' rejection of the traditionalists' picture of a solitary Israel faced by a monolithic and implacably hostile Arab camp. druze in israel pdf Most of the Druze towns and villages in Israel are populated exclusively by Druze, although over the last century a minority of Christians and Muslims have become residents in some of them. They are located in the north of the country, mainly on hilltops; historically as a defense against attack and persecution.

Israels Druze, a minority within a minority, are respected by Israeli Jews for their military service and loyalty to the state. Now they are in the vanguard of a fight for equal rights and druze in israel pdf The Druze of Israel constitute a very unique community within the pluralistic, though Jewishdominated, social map of the country. Their religious heritage and ethnic integrity set them apart, even while they have participated in the political and military domains in close affiliation with the Jewish population. The Druze in Israel live in a handful of sectarian villages and several mixedreligion Arab localities in pre1967 Israel (Upper and Lower Galilee and Mount Carmel) and on the Golan Heights. (PDF). CBS, Statistical abstract of Israel 2013. Israel Central Bureau of Statistics. 2013. The Druze people in Israel live in the Carmel region, the Galilee, and the Golan. The Druze in the Carmel and the Galilee are Israeli citizens. Most of the Druze in the Golan are Syrian citizens who hold permanent resident status in Israel. The Israeli Druze (Arabic: , Hebrew: ) are a unique religious and ethnic minority located in Israel. In 2012, there were 130, 600 Druze living in the country. Even though the faith originally developed out of Ismaili Islam, Druze are often not considered Muslims.

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