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Blood samples were collected from 91 rusa deer (Cervus timorensis russa), immediately after being shot, to define their mean haematological values (red cell count, white cell count, differentialThe A OOTA Classification of Fractures and Dislocations (previously known as the MllerAO Classification) is the standard comprehensive classification. AO has developed several tools that are designed to help understand and incorporate it into your daily practice: ao klassifikation pdf

Spinal Fractures Classification System an AOSpine Knowledge Forum initiative Subaxial Spine Fractures Sacral Spine Fractures Thoracolumbar Spine Fractures. AO A1 A2 A3 A4 Description No bony injury or minor injury such as an isolated lamina fracture or spinous process fracture.

Pediatric long bone fracture classification. The AO Pediatric Comprehensive Classification of Long Bone Fractures (AO PCCF) was developed by the AO Pediatric Expert Group in collaboration with AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation and the International Association for Pediatric Traumatology. AO Surgery Reference quick online reference in clinical life. ao klassifikation pdf The AOOTA Fracture and Dislocation Classification of long bone fractures is the standard classification used by trauma surgeons and physicians dealing with skeletal trauma worldwide. This app is a reference tool that will assist both beginners and experts in classifying any fracture of the long bones.

Mar 19, 2013 Purpose. The AO Spine Classification Group was established to propose a revised AO spine injury classification system. This paper provides details on the rationale, methodology, and results of the initial stage of the revision process for injuries of the thoracic and lumbar (TL) spine. ao klassifikation pdf describes the rationale for the comprehensive AO CMF classication system, discusses the methodological framework, and provides insight into the experiences and inter actions during the evaluationprocess within the coregroups. The Mller AO Classification of fractures is a system for classifying bone fractures initially published in 1987 by the AO Foundation as a method of categorizing injuries according to therognosis of the patients anatomical and functional outcome. AO is an initialism for the German Arbeitsgemeinschaft fr the AO Surgery Reference quick online reference in clinical life. Mller AO Classi cation of FracturesLong Bones This lea et is designed to provide an introduction to the classi cation of longbone fractures.

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