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Chapter 5 RURAL DEVELOPMENT INTRODUCTION There are no universally accepted approaches to rural development. It is a choice influenced by time, space and culture. The term rural development connotes overall development of rural areas to improve the quality of life of ruralGreening Rural Development in India vii Poverty reduction and economic growth can be sustained only if natural resources are managed on a sustainable basis. Greening rural development can stimulate rural economies, create jobs and help maintain critical ecosystem services and strengthen and strengthen climate resilience of the rural poor. rural development policy in india pdf

Land policy is a crucial element in a rural development strategy. It is wellknown that distribution of land and other assets is very skewed in India, as the large majorities have small land holdings.

Soochna Bhawan, New Delhi110 003 on behalf of Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India, New Delhi110 011, Printed at Chandu Press D97, Shakarpur, Delhi and Published from Soochna Bhawan, New Delhi. development, through the Green Revolution, to integrated rural development, and from the mid1980s onwards, increasing attention to sustainable livelihoods as a route to poverty reduction. rural development policy in india pdf National Fund for Rural Development (NFRD) Set up in: 1984; To grant 100 tax rebate to donors and also to provide financial assistance for rural development projects.

PDF The Rural development generally refers to the process of improving the quality of life and economic wellbeing of people living in relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas. rural development policy in india pdf The nine schemes of rural development in India are as follows: The main objective of rural development has been to remove poverty of the people and fill the widened gap between the rich and the poor. This has been also vocalized in the policy of the government which says: said, Rural poverty policymaking for rural development. 2. The Development Setting: Many Slips between Policies and Goals The strategy and policies for rural development are in the nature of interventions in rural communitiesto provide resources, infrastructures and development servicesto achieve

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